A not too large club, stage smoke rising in the air, the band on standby by their instruments. It’s “Morrison” that is still missing. As befits The Lizard King, he appears on the stage with a beer… Of course Polish beer (Tyskie;)).  – It’s nice to see you, Jim! – someone is shouting from the crowd. The new vocalist is trying to keep his face straight, but the smile appears anyway.  – Na zdrowie –  he answers in Polish, making crowd applause. It was the beginning of The Doors Alive concert in Rotunda club in Cracow.  It was the beginning of the show which attracted crowds. Perhaps the reason was the magic of The Doors or maybe the fact that the Doors Alive is the best tribute band which commemorate the Doors music. I think both are true. Despite that, I was afraid of the concert. I was afraid, because I have always been such a great fan of The Doors that I started to live in the belief that nobody should cover their music, because it is so brilliant, exceptional, so… don’t touch it! Then, however, I understood that my reasoning was very limited and that it was a unique opportunity to listen to this music live. In addition,  I had heard so many positive opinions about The Doors Alive that I decided to give them a chance. 😉 Mike Griffioen – a new vocalist of the band was one of the factors which convinced me to do this. When I listened to his covers on YT, I couldn’t believe that … that it was true.  He not only sounded similarly to Morrison, he sounded precisely as Morrison. I wasn’t surprised that comments on his channel were mainly expressions of the type: “you are a son of Morrison,  it must be a reincarnation”. 🙂  That all caused that I started looking forward to the concert. I wasn’t disappointed. They played the biggest hits (even one of my favourites – Spanish Caravan). Everything was perfectly played, everything was perfectly sung. It was hard to believe that Mike had joined the band a few days before the concert and that he’s only 21 years old. He sang correctly, perfectly imitating famous shouts of Morrison and his “all right, all right, all right”. 🙂 I didn’t need anything more, I was totally bought. Mike not only sings phenomenally but he also physically resembles Morrison. Sometimes, I was under the impression that I was really participating in the concert of The Doors. For me, as a great fan, it was a very metaphysical experience. Of course at the end, the band played magic “The End”, and the crowd said, along with the vocalist,  the legendary fragment about the murderer walking on down to the hall…No, we weren’t in the Whisky A Go Go, but during the concert, I had moments when I thought that I was there…I think that’s a sufficient reason to thank The Doors Alive for such an amazing experience. 🙂







3 thoughts on “It’s nice to see you, Jim! The Doors Alive, 8.04. 2016”

  1. It is a gourgeus review , I agree with you!!! But Mike has his own talent. He has made a great job!!! he has learnt English, he has studied all about Morrison, he invests in appropriate clothes for his performance!!! He is also a musician and composer!!!! So that he is getting success!!!!!!!!

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