One finds it hard to tell which is better – to watch or listen to him. Both are pleasing. Fortune  was incredibly generous to Adam Lambert. The phenomenal vocal ensures him a place among today’s top singers and his appearance makes fans’ hearts beat faster. Playing with Queen, Lambert has an opportunity to work with living legends but his solo career proves that he can do well also on his own. No wonder the concert at Torwar in Warsaw (April 30) attracted crowds. There’s no denying that the most of the audience were teenager girls. There were also parents who came with their kids. Even though I was aware the Polish have quite a liking for Adam, I didn’t expect so many people standing in lines. I was surprised like at Queen’s concert when interviewing fans and it frequently occurred that they came only because of Adam. Since that time, over 14 months have passed, Lambert has released his third solo album „The Original High” and Ghost Town single has turned out to be a massive hit. Who knows, if Lambert’s career continues to develop at such a great pace, then maybe next time he will manage to gather enough people to fill the National Stadium.  Of course I wish him that very much. Now it was only Torwar, yet full to the brim. Adam’s concert was supported by a mysterious DJ Bart B who wasn’t even oficially  introduced. He started his set with Riders on the Storm (Cudder&Mulder Remix). As a great fan of The Doors, I was delighted. He was warming up the audience with radio hits for 30 minutes.

The anticipation dragged on, especially as the support started playing 20 minutes later than planned, and the hall was unbearably stuffy. That was a great drawback of the concert and I’m surprised no one took care of any air-conditioning. Unfortunately, people fainted quite often and some left the concert on stretchers. Few cups of water given by the service didn’t fix the problem. I was standing in the crowd with perseverance, lifting my head up once in a while and trying to get some fresh air. An awful situation. Finally, beautiful visualizations were displayed on the stage, among them black and white pictures of Adam. Right after he had appeared, he jumped onto a platform. He was wearing big, a little cosmic glasses and a black costume with white elements in the same style. Smart phones blocked my view of the artist a bit. OK, we are in the 21st century and I understand that fans might want a keepsake but if I go to a concert, I want to experience it at the given time, listening to and watching rather than admiring on my phone. Let’s seize the moment! Very few people seemed to share my view, sadly. 😉 Despite the fact there was Ghost town melody in the intro, Adam began with his catchy Evil in the night. Ghost town was performed as third. The fans prepared themselves for that occasion and they let out balloons with small ghosts painted on them. That was one of fans’ surprises who also prepared sheets for Adam saying they welcomed him again in Poland. What a pity that the sheets had been taken mainly at the entrance and only a few people managed to carry them into the hall. Another drawback, and I find it hard to understand why service acted that way. What is wrong in trying to please the artist? Lambert himself did not comment on the action with balloons. He was accompanied on the stage by choir singers who were also dancers – exotic Holly Hyman swinging her plaits and great Terrance Spencer whose moves were so effeminate that he beat his companion. There was a lot of wacking dance, and at times, I had a feeling that the boy had ditched a Chippendales show. 😉 Yes, Lambert’s show was permeated with sex. And all the credit can’t go to the dancers but, first and foremost, to Adam who wiggled his hips in a sexy manner, touched his chest, imitated gently copulatory moves and one could even notice that he was inspired by Michael Jackson’s famous move (and I don’t mean moonwalk ;)). Yes, Lambert did give a show. It was a bit stagy; there was a choreography, subtle but demanding and pervaded with sexuality; it wasn’t vulgar, all was within the bounds of good taste; it was just sexy and no one could take eyes off him. Lambert changed his outfit two more times. Next one was a black T-shirt and a black jacket. Definitely the best attire. He could as well appear on a catwalk of a famous designer in that version. 😉 The last costume he put on was zebra-inspired, probably. 😉 Adam looked great also in that dress, because “a pretty person looks pretty in every clothing”, as Polish proverb goes, and the female fans were rather paying attention to beautiful shoes shining with small diamonds.

His looks is one thing but more important is his vocal. A live performance surely can verify skills. Adam passed the exam with flying colours, what’s more, he sounded much better live than on the record. When on stage, he’s in his element, playing and occasionally taking the liberty of showing what he can do with his voice. He was delightful, for me particularly when performing Mad World – a piece of Tears For Fears which was covered, for example, by Gary Jules. Lambert’s interpretation during the concert outclassed his earlier cover of that song. Speaking of covers, Bowie’s Let’s dance was also played and last of all, Queen’s Another one bites the dust. Of course Lambert gave us also a sweet talk. He admitted that Poland is one of his favourite countries, and his heart, despite being still a “ghost town”, livened up thanks to Polish people who, as a matter of fact, saw to that and Ghost town became a hit. It might have seemed that he fed us platitudes but the audience had a really great time and reacted positively. “Positively” is definitely an understatement after all, because the interaction between the artist and the audience was very strong. Fans cried “we love you, we love you”, chanting his name or showing their appreciation shouting wild “thank you” from time to time. After the concert, Adam himself twitted thanks to Polish audience. One fan threw her strings onto the stage. The artist picked them up and said with a smile that he preferred jockstraps. He referred to toleration and, in a way, his own sexuality saying that each of us was different, that we were divided by many things but we were all a unity because of our hearts and love for music.

A part of fans waiting for Lambert after the concert were lucky – the artist approached them and gave autographs. I was in that group but I didn’t ask him to sign anything; I usually do not collect autographs so I focused on getting a picture. The problem was a high gate separating Lambert from his fans and the bars blocking our view. It was difficult to take a picture in that surroundings taking into account that it had to be a picture from a concert, not from…behind bars. 😉 The rest of fans didn’t give up and they were waiting for the artist for many hours but one of service workers threatened to treat them with…gas. I witnessed that, unfortunately. Another drawback and another situation which does not need a further comment. Those who wanted to get a picture with the artist were allowed to do that after buying a VIP package. The package guaranteed one picture with Lambert taken by a professional photographer. The problem was that the cheapest option of that pleasure cost nearly 140USD (which did not include a ticket for the concert). For many fans, the price was obviously a problem, as well as the fact that the information hadn’t been spread widely and not many people knew about that opportunity. Luckily for those who left empty-handed, Lambert is going to play again in Poland, and what’s more, it will be with Queen, as early as on June 19 at Live Festival Oświęcim. During the concert, Adam asked his fans to promise they would come to this concert. Fans’ reaction surely satisfied Lambert. I promised too, ha!








Translation: Justyna Fras

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